Rock n Reel (UK), March/April 2010


NICKY JOHNS's debut album, It's The Quiet Ones You've Got To Watch, is a sparkling set of self-penned songs decorated with saxaphone and electric guitar. The opener, 'On This Ship Together', is particularly good while clever lyrics and strong arrangements throughout make this an album to which major labels ought to pay some attention.

Venue (Bristol listings magazine), February 2010


Nicky Johns

It's the Quiet Ones You Have to Watch (LP, self-released)

The album starts strongly with a breezy pop-folk song punctuated by sax interjections and based around a metaphor with a lovely sentiment that "we're all on this ship together".  By the fade-out at 6.24 the song's more than ready to end, but it was certainly nice while it lasted.  The rest of the album follows suit: Johns's songwriting is full of personality and possesses a delightful concentration on the most delicate of details, and, largely, the added instrumentation by her talented friends adds welcome depth. ...Johns mainly manages to avoid po-faced singer-songwriter cliché, and instead demonstrates an ease with rhyme and exudes the joy of doing it herself for the love of it.  3 stars (Kirsten Grayewski)


Fatea (UK), November 2009


Nicky Johns

Album:It's The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch
Label:Self Released
It's been a while since I've heard the politics of life so gracefully interwoven with harmony and melody. "On This Ship Together", the opening track of "It's The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch", delicately points out that our lives are linked, whoever we are we depend on others. Nicky Johns is aware that to make a point you don't have to scream in someone's face, sometimes serenity carries more weight. There's plenty of variety in tempo and content. Sometimes people and places flash by, sometimes we spend a bit more time with them, either way it's time well spent.

Acoustic Magazine (UK), December 2009



It's The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch

A well-known and much-loved performer on the Bristol folk and acoustic scene, songstress Nicky Johns opens her debut album with 'On This Ship Together', a wry and rueful look at the consequences of the current global financial meltdown. The songs that follow range from frank and touching explorations of looking after a young baby girl to dreamy, late-night grooves and more traditional stripped-down acoustic folk. Supporting musicians include producer Richard Riley on electric and acoustic guitar, Chris Pattemore on bass and Wurlitzer, and Audrey Riley on cello. This CD is recommended for fans of Joni Mitchell, Julianne Regan, and Kate Walsh.


Gareth L Powell



Maverick Magazine (UK), January 2010


Nicky Johns

Self-released 884502162424


Classy vocals that exude warmth

From its magnificent sunny cover photo to the charming vocals of female singer/songwriter Nicky Johns it is clear that IT’S THE QUIET ONES YOU HAVE TO WATCH is an album of exceptional high quality music certainly worth a listen or two. Nicky has been playing on the Bristol folk/acoustic scene for several years and now with a good following of fans she is releasing her first full length album. The album was produced by Richard Riley, who also plays guitar on the album. All ten songs on the album were written by Nicky. It is hard to compare this exciting singer with anyone else as she has such a distinct voice all of her own. On This Ship Together is a longish song running over six minutes, with a laid back acoustic feel. Nicky’s vocals are quite distinct and the descriptive lyrics are very relevant to life today. The River Says Yes has a slight blues feel to it, echoed in the string bass being played by JJ Quick. Nicky’s vocals once again exude warmth and a velvety richness. Scratching The Itch is a classic modern folk song with great lyrics. Nicky is joined on vocals by John Blake and Humph Bennett from The Willbees, who compliment her voice brilliantly. All too soon the album reaches its climax but listeners will be so enchanted by Nicky’s vocals that they will play the album all over again. SH